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An Introduction To Orthodontics
- Jun 09, 2017 -

    Oral orthodontics is a branch of oral medicine, and other oral professional disciplines have a close relationship with the general medical disciplines and biology also has a wide range of links. Its subject content is to study the etiology of malformations, diagnostic analysis and prevention and treatment, and wrong jaw deformity refers to the growth and development of children in the process, by the innate genetic factors or acquired environmental factors.Orthodontics

    Such as disease, bad habits of the mouth, abnormal teeth due to abnormal teeth, jaw, craniofacial deformities, such as irregular arrangement of the gums, jaw relationship between the upper and lower teeth, abnormal shape of the jaw size, etc. These abnormal Mechanism is the amount of teeth and bone, teeth and jaw, upper and lower teeth side, upper and lower jaw, jaw and craniofacial incompatibility between.Orthodontics

    Thus the concept of modern malocclusion has not only teeth dislocation and arrangement of irregular, but refers to the relationship between the teeth and maxillofacial disorders caused by a variety of deformities. World Health Organization error jaw deformity as "tooth surface abnormalities", not only affect the appearance, but also affect the function.

    Oral medicine teaching materials published update time is shorter and shorter, which shows that the development of oral medicine, new content needs to be enriched, the old content needs to be discarded. The contents of the textbook to follow the maturity, scientific and forward-looking three principles, to grasp the relationship between the non-easy.

    Oral orthodontics fifth edition of the national planning materials mainly added in recent years has developed a mature implant support and oral appliance treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, the two parts, the deletion of the original activity appliance word , While also making adjustments to other aspects of the content. So there is a way to keep a new balance, keep the progress of teaching materials.Orthodontics

    Oral orthodontics teaching hours in the differences between the institutions still exist, the short term will be difficult to unify. Oral orthodontics, after all, is a post-graduate education course, so the use of this text should be the contents of the chapter to focus on the content. The contents of this textbook are also suitable for post-graduate education and education.