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Advantages Of Concealed Denture
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Denture with a high elastic resistance broken, base hidden, beautiful, and easy operation, fewer teeth or molars and other advantages. Defect of anterior teeth and premolars in particular, traditional metal clasps of removable dentures because exposure affect the appearance, and the stealth denture stealth material has a high resistance, can be made thin and comfortable, and elastic material can enter the abutment undercut area and mucosal fit well, retention is good, easy to take.

Caused by periodontal diseases or defects of the lease of the clinical Crown is too long, exposed roots, cervical allergic, Denture clasp to form artificial gingiva covering improve Crown long abutments to the neck is too long, return to dental Gingival recession before appearance, while reducing the sensitivity of the tooth neck exposed.