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Advantages Of Removable Dentures
- Sep 15, 2017 -

     What are the advantages of dental implants? Shanghai Cova Dental Implant technology is very unique: minimally invasive pain: minimally invasive technology applied to the planting process, to ensure the safety of planting, reduce pain feeling. Functional: It does not affect the masticatory and occlusal function of real teeth. Harmonious beauty: According to the patient's face shape, tooth shapes and color to make crowns, the overall more harmony.Removable Dentures

    Comfortable and convenient: no base and clasp, no foreign body feeling, more comfortable and convenient. No side effects: the use of biological materials with excellent compatibility with the human body, will not produce any adverse side effects. Technical support: International leading technology, renowned oral experts sit to ensure the effect of planting.Removable Dentures

     Thousands of dental implants, in normal use, after 20-40 years, only a small number of people need to remove these artificial roots, is a very reliable treatment of edentulous. Because this kind of artificial implant resembles true tooth, so just do good oral hygiene and check regularly, the time that artificial plant is maintained can be same as long as real tooth. Since the invention of artificial dental implant from the 60 's, the technology has been very mature, so the success rate and durability is quite high.Removable Dentures

    People often do not pay attention to oral hygiene, long-term retention of food residue fermented acid liquid, microorganisms and bacteria, erosion of tooth surface enamel is damaged, in the gums appear to the nerve holes or cavities, resulting in cold, hot, sour, sweet food allergies, toothache, gum swelling and bleeding and other symptoms. The traditional method is to use the fillings, tooth extraction and other operations, difficult to eliminate. Now with laser curettage, that is, the use of laser irradiation to make the disease gum gasification, and kill diseased cells. Laser cutting and shaping of cavities and filling with ceramic materials.Removable Dentures