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All Are Suitable For Dental Implants
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Judging from the general condition, must be the whole body in good physical and mental health of adults, or bone and tooth development have stereotypes of young people, free of all organs of organic diseases and osteoporosis.

Local conditions is that missing one tooth, several teeth or teeth; the gums bone and severe, have difficulty wearing conventional dentures, unable to chew their food; in addition to denture esthetics, function with special requirements, or end missing not conventional fixed prosthesis.

There are requirements in the local conditions, such as the tooth implant procedure takes in 3 months, and no obvious inflammation of soft tissue of the mouth, ask the gums bone and of good quality.

In addition, because implant failure rate with more expensive and that there are about 5% prices, therefore requires patients to implant it is strong demand and economic conditions permit.