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- Jun 19, 2017 -

   With the development of modern science and technology, nearly a hundred years there have been many new varieties of ceramics. They are no longer used or rarely used clay, feldspar, quartz and other traditional ceramic raw materials, but the use of other special raw materials, and even expanded to non-silicate [1], non-oxide range, and the emergence of many new processes The Some countries in the United States and Europe have understood the term "Ceramic" as a generic term for various inorganic nonmetallic solid materials. So the meaning of ceramics is actually far beyond the narrow traditional concept of the past.All Ceramic In China, the production of pottery can be traced back to the era of 4500 to 2500 years before the era, it can be said that the development of the Han nationality is an important part of the history of ceramic development, the Han people working in the scientific and technological achievements and The pursuit and shaping of beauty in many ways are embodied by ceramic production, and the formation of the era of very typical technical and artistic characteristics. As early as in Europe to master porcelain technology before a thousand years, China has been able to create a very fine porcelain. From the perspective of China's ceramic development, the general is the "ceramic" the term is divided into two, for the pottery and porcelain two categories. The development of traditional Chinese ceramics has experienced a very long historical period, the kind of complex, special technology, so the classification of traditional Chinese ceramics in addition to taking into account the technical hard targets, but also need to consider the traditional habit of custom classification, Ancient and modern scientific and technological understanding of the changes in order to more effectively draw conclusions.All Ceramic

    Speaking of ceramic materials, it is difficult to separate pottery and porcelain to talk about, we often say that the ceramic, is the pottery and porcelain two species together. In the field of creation, pottery and porcelain are an indispensable part of ceramic art, but Tao and porcelain have a qualitative difference. Ceramic material: Compared with porcelain, pottery texture is relatively loose, the particles are also coarse, firing temperature is generally between 900 ℃ -1500 ℃, the temperature is low, the natural color after burning, simple and generous, as many artists One of the favorite styling materials. There are many types of pottery, common black pottery, white pottery, red pottery, gray pottery and yellow pottery, red pottery, gray pottery and black pottery with high iron content of clay as raw material, iron clay in the oxidized atmosphere was red , The reduction atmosphere was gray or black. Porcelain material: compared with the pottery, porcelain texture hard, fine, is strictly prohibited, high temperature, rich glaze and other characteristics, firing temperature is generally around 1300 ℃, often people describe porcelain "sound like chime, Ming mirror, Yan Ruyu, Thin as paper ", porcelain more people feel is noble and gorgeous, and Tao's kind of simple and just the opposite. So many artists in the creation of ceramic works of art will focus on highlighting the ceramic or porcelain texture brought to the appreciation of the guests of the different sensory enjoyment, therefore, before the creation of two different materials, the characteristics of the analysis and comparison is very necessary.All Ceramic