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Application Of Implant Works In Medical Treatment
- Sep 15, 2017 -

    The artificial bone joint material evolves from the original inorganic substance to the organic matter gradually, the first is titanium steel alloy, these products have their own many advantages, such as strength, rigidity and so on, but these products also have a fatal flaw, biocompatibility is not good, often cause patients discomfort, corrosion resistance and wear resistance is also relative, As the organic polymer composite, so, the new generation of alternative product development is very urgent.Implant Works

    Polyether ether Ketone (peek) has been found. Peek is a kind of all aromatic semi crystalline polymers, with a variety of excellent comprehensive energy: high stability of oxygen, with tenacity, high-strength, high rigidity and creep resistance characteristics, fatigue resistance is also prominent. A lot of experiments have proved that polyether ketone polymers have good biocompatibility.Implant Works

    In the field of intervertebral disc instruments and other applications, compared to titanium, cobalt-chromium alloy metal materials, has more advantages. The material has many important advantages, such as biocompatibility, chemical stability, and elastic modulus similar to the bone itself. Biocompatibility tests in accordance with the ISO 10993 standard showed that there were no signs of cytotoxicity, allergic reactions, irritation, and acute systemic intoxication in the material.Implant Works

     As a leader in high-performance polymer technology, winning a wide range of polyether ether ketone injection molding material products for the medical field. Provide different grades of medical application products for contact type and duration of contact. For example, it is suitable for short-term contact and applies to long-term or permanent implants. One of the drawbacks of metals is that its modulus of elasticity is much larger than that of bones. Implant Works

    Therefore, the implant undertakes most of the mechanical load, reduces the stress on the bone, thus produces the stress shielding effect, it will have a far-reaching impact on the human body. Because the bones require mechanical stress to regenerate during healing and to remain strong for a long time, the stress-shielding effect slows down the healing process and may even loosen long-term stress-free bones for years. The elasticity is closer to the cortical bone than to the metal and has a higher elasticity in the same skeletal size. This alleviates the stress-shielding effect on the bones, making the bones healthier and more permanent.Implant Works