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China Dental Lab
- Jun 05, 2017 -

THREE RIVERS — Dr. Murray Z. Malinoski, fondly known as “Bud the Dentist,” has been practicing dentistry in Three Rivers for over 30 years

Malinoski said his practice has “pioneered a lot of new technology” in the Three Rivers area since he first set-up shop in 1985, and his newest piece of dental equipment, the Cerec MCXL by Sirona, is just the latest example.

“We’ve pioneered a lot of new technology, we were the first to bring laser dentistry to the area, I’ve taught it in four states and I even have an award from the governor,” he said. “And anytime you invest in technology, if it’s good for the patient, it’s good for us.”

The Cerec MCXL improves the speed of crown delivery to patients dramatically, turning a process that used to take up to a total of three weeks into just an hour and a half.

Malinoski said Cerec technology has been around for 20 years, but until recently the technology hadn’t progressed enough for him. Sirona initially used dusting powder in the back of the mouth, and it was “nasty,” according to Malinoski.

“It was nasty, I didn’t want my patients — these are my friends — I don’t want them going through that,” he said.

Next the company used porcelain and according to Malinoski, “porcelain is like china, it breaks very easily.” Recently however, Sirona’s crowns are made out of something called “Cerec Zirconia,” which Malinoski said are far more durable.

In addition to using a more durable material, the actual process of shaping the crown takes around 15 minutes and takes place on-location, compared to the old process, which took nearly eight hours in a lab.

Fotis Dental Laboratory, located at Shenzhen city, is a full service China dental lab providing outsourcing service. With over 100 technicians and equipped with up-to-date equipments on floor area of 1700 square meters, and as an ISO and FDA certificated dental lab, we specialize in the fabrication and timely delivery of fine dental crown and bridge restorations, Emax, zirconia, implant, telescop works, dentures, partial casting frameworks, combination works, occlusal splints, sports guards, anti-snoring and other orthodontic devices.