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Detailed Introduction Of Implant Works
- Sep 05, 2017 -

     The artificial bone joint material evolves from the original inorganic substance to the organic matter gradually, the first is titanium steel alloy, these products have their own many advantages, such as strength, rigidity and so on, but these products also have a fatal flaw, biocompatibility is not good, often cause patients discomfort, corrosion resistance and wear resistance is also relative, As the organic polymer composite, so, the new generation of alternative product development is very urgent.Implant Works

     Polyether ether Ketone (peek) has been found. Peek is a kind of all aromatic semi crystalline polymers, with a variety of excellent comprehensive energy: high stability of oxygen, with tenacity, high-strength, high rigidity and creep resistance characteristics, fatigue resistance is also prominent. A lot of experiments have proved that polyether ketone polymers have good biocompatibility.Implant Works

     Zeniva PEEK is one of 4 high-performance polymers used in the Solviva biomaterials material series for implantable medical devices. The new Zeniva ZA-520 blending material not only contains the image contrast additive, but also has all the performance advantages of Zeniva PEEK material, and enhances the visibility. Implants manufactured using Zeniva ZA-520 mixtures are visible and do not require the use of metallic materials as a common implant. This new type of blending material is resin (used in injection molding) and bar two types, the bar can carry out high-precision machining, production of different sizes and structure of products.Implant Works

     In the field of intervertebral disc instruments and other applications, Zeniva peek has more advantages than titanium and cobalt-chromium alloy metal materials. The material has many important advantages, such as biocompatibility, chemical stability, and elastic modulus similar to the bone itself. Biocompatibility Tests in accordance with ISO 10993 standard showed that Zeniva peek material does not have the symptoms of cytotoxicity, allergic reaction, irritation and acute systemic intoxication.Implant Works