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How Long Can A Removable Dentures Be Used?
- Jun 19, 2017 -

    Oral doctors in the patient for repair treatment, often asked: "My dentures can be used for many years?" This problem can not have a unified answer, because the dentures (dentures) of the many types of production of dentures Not the same, so its life is different. In addition, the patient's oral hard and soft tissue health, wearing dentures after the use of maintenance and other factors will also affect the life of dentures.

    The life of the fixed denture is directly related to the health of the abutment and periodontal tissue, and if it is well maintained, the useful life is usually over ten years or even lifetime. Removable partial denture is the use of reserved natural teeth and dentures covered by the mucosa, bone tissue to do support and retention, repair one or more missing teeth, the patient can pick a denture. The correct picking of the denture, maintenance directly affect the life of the denture, for example, denture should be placed in place after the right place, rather than the use of teeth occlusion in place to prevent improper deformation and deformation. In the denture after 3 to 5 years later, due to oral support of the denture mucosa, alveolar bone and other soft and hard tissue changes, will lead to and between the denture becomes not close, there tenderness and discomfort. If the patient's mouth changes little, you can repair the denture, when the change is large, not suitable for repair, you need to re-produced. Complete denture completely rely on the denture base and mucosal tissue close to the edge of the closure of the adsorption force and atmospheric pressure, which adsorbed on the alveolar ridge, get retention effect. Therefore, the use of complete denture 3-5 years later, will face the need to re-lining or rebuild the problem.Removable Dentures

    Dentures in what circumstances need to be replaced, in the dentist seems to have some standard. First look at the distance between the upper and lower teeth, popular point that the distance from the bottom of the nose to the chin. The use of dentures after a few years, especially the complete denture, the absorption of the alveolar bone, the tooth surface wear, may cause a change in the vertical distance, and when these occur, the complete dentures that have been accurately fitted become loose and unstable The Since this is a slow, progressive process, the patient may have gradually adapted to its changing conditions. But the patient can find signs of skin folds change (increase).Removable Dentures

    In addition, although the material used for modern denture making is very durable, but inevitably with the passage of time or the use of improper parts change, the final denture need to be replaced. Especially the anterior teeth, the aging of the color to lose its natural appearance, coupled with the increase in the texture of the texture and texture, so that the denture is very artificial. Denture plastic deterioration, it is possible to form excessive microbial contamination. May cause irritation to the mouth, resulting in other people can not accept the smell.Removable Dentures