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Orthodontics Learn About Dental Knowledge
- Aug 15, 2017 -

     Black teeth, that is, the teeth into black, generally more for the teeth clean or poor health conditions caused, so more Americans will choose teeth whitening repair to get rid of this obsession. However, the beauty of the United States ignored the black teeth whitening repair surgery needs attention, resulting in the final result is not ideal. So, what are the problems to be paid attention to in black tooth repair? Please see one plus one oral consultant on this.Orthodontics
     To the hospital to do oral examination, have oral inflammation of the situation, to take anti-inflammatory treatment. If there is dental caries, periodontal disease, etc., should be treated first. Dental caries, wedge-shaped defects, before the teeth whitening should be done before filling, so as not to cause irritation to the pulp. Teeth whitening day to pay attention to clean the mouth and teeth, do not smoke. Black teeth after the surgery attention to the following matters: Pay attention to diet, black teeth whitening one days after the teeth are easy to dye, pay attention to the diet do not contain pigment food. In particular, smoking has a greater impact on the maintenance of color, so don't smoke.Orthodontics
     Teeth cleaning, clean teeth can be better to prevent the coloring of teeth, beauty can be under the guidance of consultants, further use of whitening slow granules and fluoride to make the teeth stronger. Regularly to the hospital to wash teeth, remove the teeth of exogenous pigmentation, so that the whitening results more lasting. Orthodontics
     Maintain oral hygiene, after the tooth repair 48 hours, do not use any pigment substances (such as tobacco, coffee, etc.), in order to avoid the emergence of tooth-sensitive symptoms, do not eat cold overheating food, every day should be carefully clean the tooth surface, to maintain oral hygiene.Orthodontics
     The treatment of mild cavities, through the medical thoroughly clean the teeth, the appearance of shallow holes, usually pay attention to teeth clean, tooth decay problem to better solve, the key is this time treatment does not damage the teeth, the cost is relatively low. In less expensive cases, you can regain healthy teeth.     Middle-degree cavities treatment, the use of clean and dental treatment combined with the method, middle-degree cavities if no damage to the pulp, just to the inside of the bacteria to kill, and clean, resin repair, it can not see that the teeth have been mended. The treatment of severe tooth decay, the use of porcelain teeth treatment, for the corrosion has caused a larger tooth cavity, only residual root has little reservation value, need to be removed to install porcelain teeth. It needs to be explained here that there is no tooth root for porcelain teeth to do three, and only one.Orthodontics