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Removable Dentures Take You Through The Denture Knowledge
- Aug 15, 2017 -

     Dentists often ask, "How many years can my dentures last?" "There is no unified answer to such questions, because there are many kinds of dentures (dentures) and the materials for making dentures are different, so their service life is different," he said. In addition, the patient's oral soft and hard tissue health status, wearing dentures after the use, maintenance and other factors will affect the life of dentures. The life of a fixed denture is directly related to the health of the base tooth and periodontal tissue, and if maintained well, the service age can usually be more than 10 years or even a lifetime.Removable Dentures
     Removable partial denture is the use of reserved natural teeth and dentures covered by the mucous membrane, bone tissue to do support and retention, repair of one or more missing teeth, patients can be picked by their own dentures. The correct wear and maintenance of the denture directly affect the service life, for example, the dentures should be placed in place after the correct position, rather than the use of teeth in position, to prevent improper deformation. After 3-5 years of denture use, the changes of soft and hard tissues, such as mucous membranes and alveolar bone in the oral cavity, will lead to the discomfort between the dentures and the denture. If the patient's oral cavity these changes are not small, can repair the denture, when the change is larger, not suitable for repair, it needs to be made anew.Removable Dentures
      The complete denture relies on the adsorption force and the atmospheric pressure from the denture base and the mucous membrane tissue closely, which is adsorbed on the alveolar ridge to obtain the fixation effect. Therefore, 3-5 years after the full denture is used, it will also face the problem that needs to be lined up or repeated.Removable Dentures
     Dentures in what circumstances need to be replaced, in the eyes of the dentist there are some standards. First of all to look at the straight distance between the upper and lower teeth, popular point of view, the nose to the chin of the distance. The use of dentures after a few years, especially the whole denture, alveolar bone resorption, tooth surface abrasion, may cause vertical distance changes, when these occur, the exact chimeric complete dentures have become loose and unstable. Since this is a slow, gradual process, patients may have gradually adapted to their changing conditions. But the patient could be found to be showing a change in the skin folds of the mouth Week (increase).Removable Dentures
     In addition, although the material used in modern denture making is very durable, it is inevitable that the final dentures will not be replaced with the appearance or improper parts changing over time. Especially the anterior teeth, the aging color loses its natural appearance, adds the texture and has the texture coloring, the fake tooth appears very artificial. The deterioration of denture plastics may also result in excessive microbial contamination. May cause irritation to the mouth and produce odors that others cannot accept.Removable Dentures