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Removable Dentures Tell You Different Types Of Teeth
- Sep 05, 2017 -

    Dental implants, but through medical methods, will be with the human bone compatibility high pure titanium metal through the precise design, a cylindrical or other shape resembling a root, inserted into the alveolar bone of the edentulous area by surgical operation, after 1-3 months, when the artificial root and alveolar bone were closed, the porcelain crowns were made on the artificial root. Strong function: It can restore tooth function well, chewing function is much better than other traditional dentures.Removable Dentures

    Non-molar: rely on their own artificial root to repair, without grinding next to the healthy teeth, to avoid the possible consequences of the preparation of basic teeth. No damage to the teeth. Solid position: Do not use the traditional denture clasp or braces, artificial root alveolar bone tightly combined, like real teeth rooted in the mouth, a strong position and stable function, like real teeth fixed in the mouth. With strong retention and stability.Removable Dentures

    Beauty: According to the face of the doctor, other teeth shape and color to make the crown, to achieve the overall coordination and beauty of the best results. Small size, metal is not exposed, beautiful and elegant, overall coordination, conducive to maintaining oral hygiene. Comfortable and convenient: do not use movable dentures necessary denture base and clasp, no foreign body feeling, very comfortable, convenient, but also conducive to maintaining oral hygiene. Simple operation: Dental implant surgery is a smaller alveolar surgery, similar to the extraction of teeth, the use of local anesthesia, small trauma, can be eaten after surgery, almost painless.Removable Dentures

    General implant implantation takes only a few 10 minutes to a few hours to complete. Because the choice is with the human body compatibility extremely good biological material, implants the tooth to the human body does not have any undesirable side effects. If the implant fails, that is, the implant does not succeed, it can be removed later for bone healing to be planted, or replaced by other repair methods.Removable Dentures