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Several Problems That May Arise In Removable Dentures
- Sep 26, 2017 -

      Denture disease or natural shedding, more than 90% are due to gum atrophy and lose teeth, there is a contradiction, if the movable dentures, as the active dentures support the good teeth, gum also because atrophy and loose off how to do? Removable Dentures      

     Because the gum atrophy part rarely has only one tooth, is usually a piece, since has a tooth because of atrophy and falls off, the periphery tooth appears the danger which atrophy is very big, if as the support good tooth loose, will cause the entire row of porcelain tooth to fall off together. Therefore, baked porcelain teeth, more attention should be paid to the surrounding gum health.Removable Dentures

      The same is true of movable dentures, especially the entire denture, have no teeth as braces support, all the pressure to the gum, because it is active dentures, chewing the food is inevitable to support the gum as braces wear, because the whole mouth active dentures patients are often due to gum inflammation and denture metal allergy, and miserable.Removable Dentures

      In both cases, the use of tooth gold every day (natural biological), can promptly eliminate the inflammation of the gums, the atrophy of gum to ensure the nutritional supply, thereby protecting the health of the gums, effectively prevent or reverse atrophy, thus effectively help the porcelain teeth and dentures of the long-term use of new problems.Removable Dentures

      The types of dentures can be divided into: fixed denture, porcelain tooth, comfort is very high, expensive but need excellent base teeth. Permanent wear to teeth, life expectancy of 10 years or less (binder technical restrictions) can not be removed, no need to remove the cleaning. Removable Dentures

      The color is almost the same as the teeth around. Removable denture, the general price is lower, the comfort is low, need to remove the clean. The tooth is basically not worn. The life should be different from the material, and the color is different from tha. Concealed denture, movable denture, the price is slightly higher than the active denture, the comfort degree is higher!Removable Dentures