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The Scheme Of Orthodontics
- Sep 26, 2017 -

     The tooth arranges the wrong jaw deformity medically, commonly such as parcel day, crawl tooth, double tooth and tiger and so on. Orthodontic correction usually takes 1.5-2 years, in order to achieve the perfect correction effect, the oral orthodontics physician skilled diagnosis and treatment technology and patient cooperation is the key. Orthodontics

     Before orthodontic correction of the patients, to the hard soft tissue around the face of a comprehensive, systematic and careful examination, make a scientific diagnosis, set out a rigorous and comprehensive rectification plan, can carry out corrective treatment, otherwise it will have a serious impact on the efficacy, or even bring adverse consequences for patients.Orthodontics

    Tooth correction is the most direct way to those who want to get rid of the ragged teeth. But many people do not understand the process of tooth correction, in fact, the process of dental correction is not particularly complex, through the following introduction of the process of tooth correction, I believe you will have a complete understanding of it, in the future when dental correction can be done in mind.Orthodontics

     Through the exchange of X-ray film, you can locate the skull side piece, the whole jaw surface fault plate, the tooth jaw model, the jaw face and the mouth teeth photos. The goal is to look at your teeth and bone development direction. In order to facilitate the development of accurate dental correction program.Orthodontics

    Through the doctor's understanding of the general situation of the United States, comprehensive analysis to make the most suitable for the United States of the corrective scheme, can make the teeth correction effect is better. Treatment is carried out according to the best dental corrective program developed: This process typically takes about 2 years or so.Orthodontics