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Why Eat Old Dental Care!
- Nov 30, 2016 -

In life some people eating chewing process, often have fibrous or soft food into the teeth of this medicine called "food impaction." Long-term food impaction, gingival papillary inflammation, Gingival recession-prone and two adjacent caries between the teeth, bad breath and other problems.

Food impaction

① the level type food impaction, using a clean, smooth, soft, sophisticated not too sharp toothpick removed toothpick along the gums may be above the level into the teeth, gently pull the food out

② vertical food impaction, do not use a toothpick to pick your teeth, FLOSS, FLOSS, soft, smooth and elastic, not only easily remove impaction, and must clean the interproximal tooth using dental floss to gum tissue stimulation is less.